Friday, October 10, 2008

A new gussied up great place

Nothing like Friday afternoon to try out something on the web. I have spent a bit looking at flickr, per the suggestion of week 2 in the OwhataGeek project.

I have enjoyed pictures of dancers.....

and kitties.......

and created my own flickr photostream, although it does need work. Take a look

A. V. Sorensen Branch is our most recent project. This rennovation added color, better lighting and provided lotssssssss of storage space for the librarians. I hope you like it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Read the Directions, Darn It!!!!

This blog is the first exercise in learning program on Internet tools. If one reads the directions carefully one includes one's thought son life long learning in the first post.

That I am now fulfilling that instruction on the second posting brings to attention the fact that there are many learning styles used by many people. Among the learning styles there are those who read the manual or instructions and those who do not. Guess where I belong.

I love to learn and generally dive in head first. Frequently learning by trial and error, or by seeking instruction and information from those around me. This love for learning is probably what brought me to the field of Librarianship in the first place. It has certainly characterized my career and been a central theme as I have ventured off into new waters to learn new skills and information sets to handle my duties in differing jobs.

I have had the opportunity to learn the technologies and skills of computers, networks and the Internet as they existed 15 years ago and follow them for several years as I managed the library's technology program. In the past 5 years I have been learning about library facilities and what it takes to build, renovate, furnish and maintain them. I have dived in and been engulfed in learning on the job and by doing.

In my personal life I have become engrossed in various areas: ballet, cooking, wine, care and feeding of feline animals and houses and gardens; learning what as much as I could on these given topics. Learning from different resources and in varying levels of completeness.

I have pursued a fair amount of the formal institution based learning programs; enough to end up with 2 masters degrees. Conferences, travel and other opportunities also avail themselves.

Learning seems as much a part of life as breathing or eating. Always an empty spot to fill, and something to fill it. This learning course will brush me up on the new tools of the Internet and perhaps open other doors with more questions to be answered and skills to be learned.

Another instruction was to indicate preference for reward should I get so far as completing all the learning course modules. Best Buy it is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Started

The Library is a Great Place!

That is something I have believed since I was a child. And now it is something I have the wonderful opportunity to create.

Lets explore loving libraries and building libraries

Albany County Public Library of my Childhood.

and libraries I have helped to create in Omaha

Charles B. Washhington Branch Library

South Omaha Library - A joint project of Omaha Public LIbrary and Metropolitan Community College

Saddlebrook Joint Facility - A Joint project of the Omaha Public Library, Omaha Public Schools and Omaha Recreation Departmentscheduled to open in August 2009

And also bring the joy of public art to the community

The South Omaha Sound Field by Jamie Burmeister

Reading Garden by Yanna Rameakers

Trees of Knowlege by the Students of North High School
A cooperative project with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts